The Importance Of Comfort

Why we demand more than comfortable clothes.

“Drinks at 7PM.” 

What a nightmare. I ask myself: Do I go home and change? Should I keep a spare shirt at the office? Is it going to get cold? Am I underdressed? Overdressed? (We’re kidding; we don’t think there’s such a thing as being overdressed.) 

After-work drinks and early dinners prompt some pretty weird behavior. My personal low point was when I completely changed in a cab on my way from Midtown to the Upper West Side to meet my then-girlfriend’s intimidating, hedge fund manager uncle for the first time. It wasn’t even rush hour. And my cab driver wasn’t thrilled about letting me do it, to say the least. This work/life balance and day splitting can make us overthink what we wear, and it can push us to make compromises. We don’t want you to have to compromise on what you wear, so we’ve developed a ‘three-tier comfort’ system that will help you move through your whole day without worrying about your clothes.

After-work drinks

This system ensures that you’re comfortable not only with how your clothes feel, but also with every aspect of the design and production process, right down to raw material sourcing. Most importantly, comfort means being content with ourselves and with our day-to-day choices. Our ultimate goal is to deliver this comfort and sense of reliability to you.

Knowing the ins and outs of a potential supplier's production and manufacturing processes is the first step. We are proud to work with companies such as Schoeller, Leichtfried, Albini, and Tollegno, who have all been around for over one hundred years. We combine these time-tested and historically family-run companies with innovative and booming brands like Induo, a French startup that has patented anti-stain, anti-perspirant cotton.

anti-perspirant cotton

But what good are responsible practices and historic leadership if they’re not paired with excellent design and style? Our lead tailor has built a reputation as a menswear creative, a pattern cutter, and a sartorialist. He’s designed for Thierry Mugler, Lemaire, Kenzo, and Givenchy, to name but a few, and we’re proud to have him on our team, too.

The second level of comfort is what most people think of when it comes to comfortable clothing. This is the fit of the item, the quality of the fabric, and the simplicity or intricacy of the cut. Our fine twill Chinos made with fabric supplied by Schoeller exemplify this kind of comfort and reliability. Check out our upcoming collection here.

Catarine Martins, a blogger known as Le Fashionaire, contends, “comfort is the key to an amazing outfit.” We totally agree. After all, if you’re not comfortable in your clothes, how can you be comfortable in your daily interactions and in your personal and professional life?

Once we check off those first two boxes, we can really start to think about the positive effects that clothing can have on our lives. This third level of comfort is one of timeless elegance, urban practicality, and enduring confidence.

comfortable in your clothes

This kind of comfort is what helps us take a moment for ourselves when the world is whizzing by. It’s what gives us the courage to ask for a promotion or time off. It’s the quips we didn’t know we had in us, but that come out at just the right moment during a date or interview. It helps take the fear out of first impressions, high school reunions, or any ‘we need to talk’ talks (the worst kind).  

Our signature may be feel-good fabric with special properties, but our passion is the rebounding happiness and self-assurance our clothes bring to those who wear them.

We design clothes for life. For a lot of us, 9 hours of every day take place at work, where we need to be ‘professional’—but that’s not all life is. Life can also be buying a new shirt and pants 20 minutes before meeting your partner’s intimidating uncle, changing in the back seat of a cab, and arriving uncomfortably dressed, unsure about your new purchase, and far from comfortable. We want more for you than that. We want you comfortable all day long, and we want those kinds of transitions to go by seamlessly.

Stay tuned to learn more about who we work with, and about the value in working both with time-honored traditional families and with innovative startups that are thinking about the way we’ll be wearing clothes 20 years down the line.


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